White Light LED Astronomy Torch – Includes Quality Duracell AAA Battery


This is a Fantastic Astro Dog Product – It’s the best red LED flashlight for Astronomy that we could find – and we have tested many.

As an Astronomer, you need excellent red flashlight, and this is it.  There is nothing worse than losing your hard acquired night vision with a standard torch, yet light is necessary to set up your equipment.

This light emits RED LED light.  It is more powerful than the headlight that we also stock, so is ideal when you need a little more power.

You can adjust the focuser for a fainter, wider light, or focus it into a tight beam, providing a spotlight effect.

Available on back-order

Welcome to our simple, AAA white flashlight – You’ll love it.  We have a long history of providing quality headlamps and torches for Astronomy and wildlife lovers.  Our new NiteKing Torch will become your ‘go to’ because it’s small, works great and uses a plain AAA battery.  Just clip it to your gear, bag, belt or your pants and your set.

A Brilliant bit of Astro Kit

  • This is the best white LED torch we have found – Typical problems with other torches are that they are too big, too expensive, excessively bright or dim.  This one?  None of those problems!
  • Two ring system – bright focused center, with a less bright ring around it*


  • Genuine NITEKING White Emitting LED Torch
  • Quality Duracell AAA Battery INCLUDED.
  • Also Accepts 1.2v rechargeable AAA batteries
  • Modular, Tough Design
  • Simple ‘unscrew the end’ battery replacement system.
  • Quality Control Processes – Every torch is tested and checked with your battery on the day it’s shipped.

What’s unique about your order:

  • We ship from Brisbane – Not China
  • Great service, tracked shipping

 What our customers say about our lighting gear:

  • Fantastic Product.  Definitely recommend.
  • Great product
  • Good solid quality and works well

* If you prefer a consistent light cone, grab the classic white version.  If you are looking for a RED LED Flashlight, try this one.

Weight.05 kg
Dimensions15 × 13 × 12 cm